1-Day Cape Shakotan Scenic Tour (From Sapporo to Otaru/Sapporo)

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1-Day Cape Shakotan Scenic Tour  (From Sapporo to Otaru/Sapporo)
1-Day Cape Shakotan Scenic Tour (From Sapporo to Otaru/Sapporo)

Tour Details

Minimum participants required for this tour : 1 person

Departs Sapporo
Visits Hokkaido
Duration approx. 10 hours.
Req. per Booking 1 – 6 guests
Req. to Run Tour 1 guest(s)
Guide Service Not Available
Tour Guide/Conductor Language Not Available
Audio Guide Not Available
Audio Guide Language Not Available
Included Bus fare, Lunch charges
Not Included Shakotan Underwater Observatory Deck Cruise fare


08:15 – 08:30
Meet at Sapporo Station Terminal & Depart  

The bus will depart at 8:30. Multilingual guidance system will not be available on this tour. A Japanese-speaking guide will accompany the tour.

Please check in at the 2nd floor regular sightseeing bus window at least 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Please give the name your tour was booked under at check-in. The bus will depart at the scheduled time regardless of latecomers, so be sure to strictly follow these time guidelines.

10:00 – 10:45
Nikka Whisky Hokkaido Yoichi Distillery, Hokkaido  (45 min)

Visit the home of Nikka Whiskey’ Single Malt Yoichi, a bold and distinctive single malt whisky brewed by skilled craftsman whose techniques have developed over long years of experience. Participants on this tour can look forward to viewing the distillery’s coal-fired pot stills, a practice that is now rarely seen even in Scotland. Enjoy sampling some products at the tasting corner and shopping for souvenirs at the gift store.

Taste-testing tickets will be handed out by distillery staff to participants, so please hand the ticket to staff if joining the taste testing activity. Participants who will drink non-alcoholic drinks only do not need a taste-testing ticket.

At Nikka Whisky Yoichi Distillery, participants will not go on a tour of the facility guided by distillery staff.
Participants will tour the facility, have taste testing, and shop for souvenirs on their own

11:45 – 12:15
Shimamui Coast  (30 min)

Selected as one of the best 100 beaches (coasts) of Japan, Shimamui Coast in Shakotan Cape is renowned for its majestic translucent blue sea and beautiful scenery. Gaze upon the numerous rock formations which peer out from the clear ocean waters and relax to the peaceful sound of waves lapping against the shore.

12:15 – 13:05
Irika – Rinkouso (Lunch)  (45 min)

Please understand that there is no vegetarian option available.
Lunch menu: crab hot pot, shrimp shiokara, fish tsukudani (small fish simmered in soy sauce and mirin), soy sauce marinated salmon roe, deep fried hokke (Okhostk Atka mackerel), nori seaweed and jelly fish tsukudani, a vinegared dish, Pacific herring kirikomi (finely chopped and salted herring), sashimi (salmon, whelk, and shrimp), pickled dish, and white rice. *Subject to change.

13:25 – 14:40
Cape Kamui  (70 min)

Kamui rock stands directly below the edge of Cape Kamui in the clear blue waters and is said to be the incarnation of a young maiden transformed into stone. During the walk along the path around the cape, participants can marvel at Tateiwa of Mizunashi, a large stone which towers over the sea, and other formations on the way.

15:15 – 16:20
Shakotan Underwater Observatory Deck Cruise (Additional charges apply)  (60 min)

Experience all that Shakotan has to offer with a cruise around the coastline. View the various rock formations and dynamic coastline from aboard the deck, and witness the underwater habitat of the local fish and sea urchin from the glass-bottom boat that appear close enough to reach out and touch. (Additional charges apply)

Fare for the Shakotan Underwater Observatory Deck Cruise is not included. (Cruise time: 45 min, Additional Charge: JPY 1,100/adult, JPY 550/child)
*The cruise cannot be boarded if the bus will not arrive in time for cruise departure. In this case, participants will have a stroll around Bikuni-cho (Cape Kogane).
Also, participants not boarding the Shakotan Underwater Observatory Deck Cruise (charged separately), will be free to have a stroll around Bikuni-cho (Cape Kogane).
*On days when the Shakotan Underwater Observatory Deck Cruise is not operating, the cruise will be omitted and the itinerary will be as follows.
Cape Kamui (Stroll) (13:25 ~ 14:35) → Yoichi Roadside Station (15:45 ~ 16:15) → Otaru Station Bus Terminal (option to end tour here) → Sapporo Clock Tower (option to end tour here) → Sapporo Station Bus Terminal (17:55)

16:50 – 17:10
Yoichi Roadside Station  (20 min)

Situated adjacent to the Yoichi Space Museum, this shop offers over 10 kinds of space food as well as a variety of local fruit, vegetables and seafood specialties. The store’s handmade ice-cream and apple pie which are prepared using fresh fruit and wine are also popular amongst visitors.

– 17:40
Drop off at Otaru Station Bus Terminal  

Participants may get off the bus here.

– 18:45
Drop off at Sapporo Clock Tower  

Participants may get off the bus here.

– 18:50                                                                                      
Drop-off at Sapporo Station Bus Terminal (Tour ends after drop-off)  

Participants may get off the bus here.

Tour Fare

Rate per Person (JPY)



Term & Conditions

  • Departure date : Please contact our team for the details
  • Non-Refundable
  • Itinerary, departure date and tour fare based on subject to change with or without prior notice
Informasi lebih detail silahkan isi form dibawah ini

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