Large Bus – Sewa Transportasi di Jepang

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TYPE OF VEHICLE (10 Hrs USAGE) – PASSENGERS with luggage 35 Passengers

Sewa BIS di Jepang


Sewa BIS di Jepang
Sewa BIS di Jepang

Large Size Bus

Our the most modern bus is the full-sized coaches with seating for 45~60 passengers. We recommend this bus for long lasting trip, group tour and long distance transportation.



Sewa BIS di Jepang
Sewa BIS di Jepang

Explore the inside

Most buses have great amenities such as TV, VCR, Refrigerator, Karaoke, Electric hot-water pot, Reclining Seats, and Luggage compartment.


Events and Occasions

Transportation over long-distances
Sightseeing for large groups
Group tours


*The vehicle you reserve might look different than the one desplayed in this image.

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