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Sewa Transportasi di Jepang

Micro Bus – Sewa Transportasi di Jepang

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TYPE OF VEHICLE (10 Hrs USAGE) – PASSENGERS with luggage 10 Passengers


Sewa BIS di Jepang
Sewa BIS di Jepang

Micro Bus

Our micro Bus is a little-sized bus that suits to small groups for airport transportation, weddings, games, concert etc. Micro buses have individual seating like in our deluxe motor coaches, but are used for smaller groups and shorter distances.


Sewa BIS di Jepang
Sewa BIS di Jepang

Explore the inside

Some Micro buses don’t have large luggage compartments, so please tell our staff if you have a lot of luggage.


Events and Occasions

Transportation over short-distance
Game or Concert events
Station Transfers
Airport Transfers


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