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Dapatkan Harga Spesial untuk Travel Agent – SELASA, 18 JUNI 2019, USD ( : ) 107, IDR ( X ) 133
Sewa transportasi di Jepang

MINIVAN / ALPHARD – Sewa Transportasi di Jepang

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TYPE OF VEHICLE (10 Hrs USAGE) – PASSENGERS with luggage 4 Passengers


Mini Van

Our Mini Van are Toyota Alphard, Toyota Velfire or Nissan Elgrand. Mini Vans are larger than Sedan, and more luxurious than Full Size Van. Would be perfect for Group Tour of 4-6 Passengers without suitcases. Attached wide windows with black tinted.


Events and Occasions

Airport Transfers
Direct transportation
Corporate functions


*The vehicle you reserve that might look different than the one displayed in this image.

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